APS to "Tweet" Power Outages; That Should Come In Handy When Nothing's Powering Your Computer

APS is gettin' hip to the age of social networking and will begin alerting the public about large-scale power outages via-Twitter, the electricity giant announced last week.

"In the event of a major power outage our customers are looking for the best information in the quickest manner possible," says Tammy McLeod, APS Vice President and Chief Customer Officer. "Twitter will provide yet another tool for our customers and other audiences to receive information from us. We encourage people to start following @APSOutageCenter today."

We had a few minor questions for APS about its entrance into the world of social networking -- particularly how the fuck are you supposed to turn on your computer "in the event of a major power outage."

APS spokesman Damon Gross tells New Times that those without power who rely exclusively on their computer to access their Twitter account aren't exactly the target market.

"It seems people are more connected than ever," Gross says. "A lot of people use their cell phones to access Twitter, other people may check before they leave work."

Gross says that while Twitter will be used to communicate general outage information, customers who have specific questions or need to report an outage still should call the APS Customer Care Center at (602) 371-7171 or (800) 253-9405 outside the metro Phoenix area.

If your power goes out, though, and for whatever reason you need an outside source to confirm that it's out, check out APS on Twitter @APSOutageCenter today.

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