Arizona Federal Judge John Roll to be Laid to Rest Today

Federal Judge John Roll will be buried today in Tucson after losing his life during Saturday's shooting rampage.


Roll was one of six people killed in Saturday's attack, which left 13 others injured -- including Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.

Roll was one of several people who joined Giffords in front of a Tucson Safeway for a demonstration of democracy the congresswoman dubbed "Congress on the Corner."

Roll had heard of the congresswoman's event and stopped by to say hello after going to mass on the morning of the shooting.

Roll's been described by colleagues as "tough but fair." Click here for more on Judge Roll's background and stellar reputation among colleagues.

The funeral, to be held at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church at noon today, is expected to draw many other federal judges, and security is reportedly tight -- U.S. marshals and local law officers were at the church three hours before the service began.

Roll's family has asked that no members of the media be present at the church for his funeral.

We'll have more on Roll's funeral later today. Check back to the New Times Web site throughout the day for updates. 

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