Arizona General Election Results 2020

Early results are in for many of Arizona's 2020 general election races.
Early results are in for many of Arizona's 2020 general election races. Erik (Hash) Hersman/Flickr
While the presidential election is rightly drawing attention across the state and country, a number of local races will also affect your life for the next four years.

Will Arizona have two Democratic U.S. senators for the first time in nearly 70 years? Will Joe Arpaio's former minion take back the sheriff's office? Will the Scottsdale councilmember who joked about George Floyd's final words at an anti-mask rally be sent packing?

We've compiled the results from a number of key races here and will continue to update them as counts are updated. Numbers here are based on the 97 percent of votes estimated to have been counted as of 9 a.m. Monday morning.

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Arizona is a key state in a key race to decide the future of the republic. While President Donald Trump secure another victory or will Arizona support a Democrat for president for the first time since 1996?

Joseph Biden (Democrat)  - 49.5%

Donald Trump (Republican) - 48.99%

The Associated Press has called this race for Biden.

United States Senate
Will current Senator Martha McSally win her first-ever senate election after losing to Kyrsten Sinema in 2018 and being appointed to John McCain's former seat by Governor Doug Ducey? Polls haven't been promising, but Republicans are counting on her to help maintain the party's majority in the senate. Maybe the humiliation will have been worth it if she succeeds.

Mark Kelly (Democrat) - 51.26%

Martha McSally (Republican) - 48.74%

The Associated Press has called this race for Kelly.

Congressional District 5
Trump ally and COVID-19 quack Andy Biggs is facing a challenge by Democrat Joan Greene. Greene, who has accused Biggs of killing his constituents through his denial of the severity of the COVID-19 crisis over the summer, lost to Biggs by nearly 20 points in 2018 and is apparently hoping for a big blue wave to make up the difference her second time around.

Andy Biggs (Republican) - 58.71%

Joan Greene (Democrat) - 41.29%

The Associated Press has called this race for Biggs.

Congressional District 6
Scandal-plagued congressman David Schweikert is trying to hold on to his seat. His opponent, former emergency room doctor Hiral Tipirneni, lost to Congresswoman Debbie Lesko in 2018. Perhaps sensing weakness, Tipirneni is now trying a run in District 6, even though she doesn't live in the district.

David Schweikert (Republican) - 52.14%

Hiral Tipirneni (Democrat) - 47.86%

The Associated Press has called this race for Schweikert .

Congressional District 8
Number-one Trump fan Debbie Lesko is facing a challenge from Michael Muscato, a Crossfit owner who has attacked her for voting against aid bills for small businesses and for co-signing the Trump administration's disastrous response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Debbie Lesko (Republican) - 59.54%

Michael Muscato (Democrat) - 40.46%

The Associated Press has called this race for Lesko.


Proposition 207

Will Arizonans finally be able to legally enjoy recreational cannabis? This measure has had deep-pocketed support from the current medical marijuana industry and limited opposition. Is this the year it'll squeeze through? Looks like it.

For - 59.95%

Against - 40.05%

The Associated Press has called this in favor of Proposition 207.

Proposition 208
Tax the rich people across town to pay for education: sounds good right? Not if you're Governor Doug Ducey (a rich person) or the Arizona Chamber of Commerce, who both oppose the initiative. Opponents claim the initiative would hurt economic growth if passed and not provide enough dedicated support to students.

For - 51.77%

Against - 48.23%

The Associated Press has called this in favor of Proposition 208.

Arizona House of Representatives
Democrats are hoping to turn the Arizona House of Representatives blue. Here are some races they're watching:

Legislative District 6 - House

Brenda Barton (Republican) - 26.3%

Walter Blackman (Republican) - 28.88%

Coral Evans (Democrat) - 25.35%

Legislative District 11 - House

Mark Finchem (Republican) - 34.26%

Felipe Perez (Democrat) - 31.08%

Bret Roberts (Republican) - 34.66%

Legislative District 20 - House

Shawnna Bolick (Republican) - 33.52%

Anthony Kern (Republican) - 32.02%

Judy Schwiebert (Democrat) - 34.46%

Legislative District 21 - House

Kathy Knecht (Democrat) - 31.48%

Beverly Pingerelli (Republican) - 35.61%

Kevin Payne (Republican) - 32.91%

Legislative District 23 - House

Joseph Chaplik (Republican) - 34.61%

John Kavanagh (Republican) - 37.21%

Eric Kurland (Democrat) - 28.18%

Arizona Corporation Commission
The commission sets utility rates, which is boring but important, and also handles state renewable energy policies. Of the five seats on the commission, three are currently available and Democrats hope to snag a majority. Generally, the Democrats are hoping to increase renewable energy requirements and the Republicans are opposed.

Eric Sloan (Republican) -16.64%

Lea Marquez Peterson (Republican) - 17.49%

James "Jim" O'Connor (Republican) -17.29%

Anna Tovar (Democrat) - 17.55%

Maricopa County

Four years ago, Paul Penzone brought Joe Arpaio's reign of terror to an end at the ballot box. Arpaio didn't make it past the primary this time around, but his former henchman Jerry Sheridan is running to take Penzone down. Sheridan has claimed he's a break from Arpaio, but also held a demonstration of his idea to use skunk water on protesters earlier this month, so you be the judge. Penzone in the meantime has reined in some of Arpaio's worst abuses but faced criticism for jail conditions, continuing to cooperate with ICE, and a lack of transparency.

Paul Penzone (Democrat) - 56%

Jerry Sheridan (Republican) - 44%

County Attorney
In one of the most fiercely fought local elections, appointee Allister Adel is seeking to defend her seat against progressive challenger Julie Gunnigle. Both candidates have pledged to reform the office, but Gunnigle has rolled out a farther-reaching series of proposals, including automatic expungements of cannabis offenses if Prop 207 passes.

Allister Adel (Republican) - 51%

Julie Gunnigle (Democrat) - 49%

Board of Supervisors
Four of the five seats on the governing body of Maricopa County are up for reelection. The Republican incumbents are facing down a slate of Democratic challengers.

District 1

Jevin Hodge (Democrat) - 50% (209,347)

Jack Sellers (Republican) - 50% (208,091)

District 2

Deedra Abboud (Democrat) - 40%

Steve Chucri (Republican) - 60%

District 3

Bill Gates (Republican) - 51%

Whitney Walker (Democrat) - 49%

District 4

Clint Hickman (Republican) - 59%

Suzanne Story (Democrat) - 41%

Current recorder Adrian Fontes has attracted both fans and harsh criticism for his no-holds-barred approach to expanding voter access — even when it ends with him on the wrong side of legal challenges. Opponent Stephen Richer has promised to "make the recorder's office boring again."

Adrian Fontes (Democrat) - 50% (929,859)

Stephen Richer (Republican) - 50% (931,787)

The county assessor determines the value of property for tax purposes. After the former assessor lost the post in an adoption scandal that ended in him pleading guilty to human trafficking, both candidates say they're seeking to restore trust in the office.

Eddie Cook (Republican) - 52%

Aaron Connor (Democrat) -  48%

Superior Court Judge Position 31
Superior Court Judge Christopher Coury raised ire when he temporarily knocked Proposition 208 of the ballot, claiming that the summary of it distributed was "misleading." The state Supreme Court later overturned the decision and the Maricopa Democratic part is now campaigning against Coury. If voters decide to reject Coury, Governor Ducey will select a different candidate to fill the seat.

Retain - 65%

Don't retain - 35%


These Phoenix races aren't actually the final election for the Phoenix City Council. If no candidate gets more than 50 percent of the vote, the top two candidates will face off in a March run-off election. The races are technically nonpartisan, but candidates often share their party affiliation.

After just a year-and-a-half in the position, Democrat Kate Gallego is facing long-shot challenges from Republican Merissa Hamilton, Democrat Tim Seay and last-minute write-in candidate and radio DJ Joshua "Crisco Kidd" Carmona.

Kate Gallego - 61%

Merissa Hamilton - 26%

Tim Seay - 12%

City Council District 1
Thelda Williams has reached her term limit and two Republicans are running to replace her. The first, Dave Siebert, held the seat for three terms before Williams, the second, Ann O'Brien, is a school board member who helped fight against an Arizona Department of Corrections reentry center in her neighborhood.

Ann O'Brien - 53%

Dave Siebert - 47%

City Council District 3
Incumbent Democrat Debra Stark is facing a challenge from conservative Nicole Garcia, who opposes mask mandates.

Nicole Garcia - 35%

Kristen Pierce - 17%

Debra Stark - 47%

City Council District 5
Incumbent Democrat Betty Guardado is facing a challenge from two first-time candidates: Independent Andre Williams and Nathan Schick, who declined to share his party affiliation.

Betty Guardado - 68%

Nathan Schick - 14%

Andre Williams - 19%

City Council District 7
Phoenix's most populous council district is shaping up into a competition between Yassamin Ansari, a climate policy advisor who moved to the district two years ago, and Cinthia Estela, a long-time district resident.

Yassamin Ansari - 32% (15,588)

Cinthia Estela - 32% (15,665)

G. Grayson Flunoy - 9%

Susan Mercado-Gudino - 8%

Francisca Montoya - 18%


Besides Phoenix, Scottsdale is the only other major city in the Valley voting on elected officials.

Two former Scottsdale City Council members are facing off for the office of mayor.

Lisa Borowsky -  48%

David "Dave" Ortega - 52%

City Council
The top three candidates will receive at-large seats on the council.

Tammy Caputi - 19%

Tom Durham - 18%

Betty Janik - 19%

Becca Linnig - 12%

John Little - 17%

Guy Phillips - 15%

This post will be updated as more results become available.
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