Arizona Lottery Launches New Game: Match Four Numbers, Win $10,000


Here's quick way to pay some bills: Buy one of the new CA$H4 tickets from the Arizona State Lottery that go on sale this Sunday, match four numbers and collect your $10,000.

Just four lousy numbers -- that's a probability of one in 10,000, right? Well, it's harder than that, though the game gives the best chance to win that much money of all Lottery games, says a news release on its Web site.

The news release didn't include the odds, but the four numbers have to come from a 26-number matrix. If zero is one of those numbers, the odds of getting all four would be -- well, honestly, we have no idea. But we're pretty sure they must be huge, since the Arizona Lottery is in business to make money, not give it away. 

At least, if you do win, you won't have to split the pot. Each four-number getter wins $10,000, and the new Lottery director, Jeff Hatch-Miller, is really pumped up about that: 

More winners, a top prize that doesn't have to be shared, all for $2 -- wow!" Hatch-Miller (at left) states in the news release.

"Wow," indeed.

With this level of enthusiasm, we're not sure we want to be standing near Hatch-Miller when he announces his first multi-milion-dollar winner.


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