Arizona Legislator Isela Blanc Arrested During DACA Sit-In at National Mall
Rep. Tony Navarrete

Arizona Legislator Isela Blanc Arrested During DACA Sit-In at National Mall

State representative Isela Blanc, a Democrat from Tempe, has been arrested in Washington, D.C., during a sit-in at the National Mall.

Blanc, who used to be undocumented, traveled to D.C. on Sunday with members of LUCHA to protest Congress' inability to pass legislation that would protect young undocumented immigrants who were brought to America as children.

She wrote in a statement, "I’ve been undocumented, I know the fear and anxiety the Dreamers feel. I’m also an elected official, so I know what it means to reach the American Dream, which is all they want. I have a moral obligation to fight for them.”

Today, March 5, was the initial deadline for Congress to pass legislation that would provide an alternative to DACA, which President Donald Trump rescinded in December. Though a recent Supreme Court ruling means that the program won't start winding down today, activists chose to mark the occasion with a day of action.

Two other LUCHA members, Dashawn Grays and Karen Ibarra, were also arrested during the sit-in, said Abril Gallardo, the organization's communications director.

According to estimates from U.S. Customs and Immigration Services, there are approximately 25,620 DACA recipients currently living in Arizona who stand to lose legal status.

Watch LUCHA's livestream of the sit-in and arrests here.

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