Arizona Republic Joins the Train of Papers Bailing on This Week's "Doonesbury" Cartoons

The political-correctness police over at the Arizona Republic have decided this week's "Doonesbury" comics won't be showing up in the dead-tree editions of the paper.

The week-long story arc of the comic mocks the abortion laws in Texas, including a woman having a seat in the "shaming room," meeting with a middle-aged, male state legislator who asks the woman if she's a "slut," and a doctor lampooning the mandatory sonogram process.

You can find all of the "Doonesbury" comics that won't be in this week's Republic by clicking here.

Today's "Doonesbury" strip in the Republic is two dudes meeting for lunch, but not paying attention to each other because they're playing on their phones.

The Republic's running the actual comics on its website, but it's among 50 or so other papers that have reportedly opted to not run it in physical copies this week.

The Arizona Daily Star isn't running this week's abortion-flavored comics either.

Our email asking for an explanation about pulling the comics was forwarded along to Arizona Republic editor Randy Lovely, so we'll let you know if he gets back to us.

The Republic actually ran an Associated Press story on Friday -- at least, on its website -- under the headline "Papers debate using Doonesbury abortion law strips."

There's no mention or note on that about the Republic's editorial decision.

Meanwhile, "Garfield" -- a comic about a fat, orange cat -- seems to be running as scheduled.

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