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Arizona Republicans Don't Hate John McCain That Much, According to Poll

Despite what the state Republican party says, not every Republican voter in Arizona is grabbing a torch and pitchfork to go after U.S. Senator John McCain.

Although the state GOP censured McCain last month, poll results released today suggest that Republicans don't hate McCain all that much.

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According to the Behavior Research Center's Rocky Mountain Poll, 34 percent of Republicans think McCain's doing a good job, while 38 percent think he's not. About a quarter of Republicans thought he was doing "fair."

Not exactly a Republican consensus that McCain is horrible.

Meanwhile, independent voters were split, with 36 percent saying he's doing a good job, and another 36 percent saying he's not.

Even the Dems weren't that hard on him -- 31 percent said he's doing a good job, compared to 37 percent who said he's not.

Overall, 37 percent of the voters surveyed said McCain's doing a good job. That number was only 26 percent in April of last year.

Compare that with the 29 similar polls taken between 1997 and 2007, which all found 50 percent or more of people giving McCain a thumbs-up on his job performance.

Meanwhile, Senator Jeff Flake, who hasn't been censured by the state Republican party (yet?) didn't do that much better than McCain. Of Republicans 31 percent said Flake's doing a good job, while only 23 percent said he's not -- 30 percent were on the fence.

McCain hasn't said whether he's running for another term, but he's not due for re-election until 2016, when the senator turns 80 years old.

Click here to see the full poll results.

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