Arizona's "I Didn't Pay Enough Fund" Building Up Steam Among Lawmakers

Representative Judy Burges', um, briliant scheme to raise a few extra bucks to help bridge the state's budget gap is apparently building up some steam in the Legislature.

The "I didn't pay enough fund," a bill introduced by Burges last week, politely asks citizens to fork over more money than they are required to pay under the current tax code, and it seems as though the idea is catching on among legislators.

Burges now has the support of 33 members of the House, 12 members of the Senate, and the support seems to keep coming.

Apparently bad ideas are as contagious as swine-flu down -- at the Capitol.

The program would put a box at the top of Arizonan's state income tax forms that would give citizens the option to donate more than they're required by law to pay.

Burges tells Capitol Media Services that if everyone paying state income taxes kicked in an extra five bucks it would generate about $12 million.

Perfect, $12 million -- so where do we get the estimated $2.99 billion needed to fix the rest of the problem? Lemonade stands?

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