Arizona's Top 10 Appearances on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart

In case you haven't noticed, the state of Arizona gets a hell of a lot of play on Comedy Central's "news" programs.

Really, there's plenty of material for the writers to work with, and it seems like it's hard to go a month without seeing Arizona being the butt of either Jon Stewart's or Stephen Colbert's jokes. So, going through a search of the Daily Show's Arizona-related clips -- 152 of them, according to the website -- we've picked out the top 10 Arizona appearances for your sigh-inducing enjoyment.

1.) The Meth Lab of Democracy

2.) Arizona State University: "The Harvard of Date Rape"

3.) Racist Puppet John McCain

4.) Spotting Illegal Immigrants on Cinco de Mayo

5.) Ethnic Studies Ban

6.) Meth Lab of Democracy, Part II

7.) Joe Arpaio's COPS

8.) How SB 1070 Works

9.) Everyone Wins in SB 1070 Decision

10.) Tucson Shooting


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