Arpaio's Obama-Hunting Cold Case Posse in Trouble With State for Filing Bogus Address

The ultimate Obama birthers, the members of the county's Cold Case Posse, listed a bogus address in filings with the state and now may have their corporation dissolved.

Arizona Corporation Commission online records show the Cold Case Posse corporation, a nonprofit, is in "delinquent" status.

It has 60 days to fix the problem. But since the problem is that the posse was trying to hide its real address from the public, it seems unlikely it will be fixed in a way that reveals an honest street address, as state law requires.

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A complaint about the bogus address of the unusual posse, which is affliated with the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office, was made in April by Brian Reilly, one of its former members. Though Reilly was the one who spurred Sheriff Joe Arpaio to use the posse to investigate President Obama's birth certificate in 2011, he's turned into a whistle-blower since resigning.

Published complaints by Reilly in March about the posse's apparent lack of insurance coverage were followed by a warning from the Sheriff's Office to the posses to comply with a 2012 order to buy their own insurance. And, as you'll recall, a crisis erupted when the posses, including the large Sun City and Sun City West posses, parked their vehicles and stopped going on patrol, worried they had no insurance coverage. The county later agreed to subsidize the posses by covering them under county insurance -- but made them remove the government plates from their vehicles.

About the same time, Reilly was complaining to the Arizona Corporation Commission about the Cold Case Posse's failure to comply with state law on its corporate filings. As an April blog post on shows, the address listed for the Cold Case Posse in corporate filings, 44047 North 43rd Avenue in Phoenix, is actually the address of a post office.

The latest annual report and disclosure statement from the Cold Case Posse, filed with the state on Monday, lists the bad address. As in other corporate filings, the posse's statutory agent, Birther-in-Chief Mike Zullo, lists his own address as the 19th-floor former headquarters of the Sheriff's Office at 100 West Washington Street, which apparently isn't valid, either. (The MCSO's new address is 550 West Jackson Street.)

On Wednesday, the Corporation Commission made the decision to put the Cold Case Posse in delinquent status and give it 60 days to cough up the correct info.

Arpaio's office wasn't aware of the pending dissolution status and had no comment on Wednesday. Zullo didn't return a voicemail left for him at the Sheriff's Office.

As the April "conspiracy" blog post shows, nonprofit-corporation paperwork had the addresses of all the Cold Case Posse's primary contact and managers blacked out.

This is one posse that doesn't want to be found. But unless it complies with the law, it may soon be a posse no more.

UPDATE: Click here to find out what the Arizona Corporation Commission said on Thursday...

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