Attention Pervs: Skinny Dipping With a 10-Year-Old is Not OK. Neither is Showering With One

Skinny dipping can be fun when the participants are visually appropriate. Another suggestion/law is making sure that nobody participating is a 10-year-old boy -- especially if you're a 25-year-old "friend" of the family.

Last week, police in Casa Grande arrested Nicholas Ryan McCray, who -- among other pervy things -- allegedly thought it would be OK to swim naked with the young son of a woman who was kind enough to let him live in her house when he had nowhere else to go.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, McCray went to live at the El Mirage home of a family friend in April 2008. Within a month, he began skinny dipping with the homeowner's son.

The pool parties went on for several months when the family wasn't home. Then, in September  2008, the family moved to a home in Surprise. McCray tagged along -- and the abuse not only continued, it got worse.

In addition to the skinny dipping, McCray and the boy began showering together. During the showers, McCray forced the child to "masturbate him" as they sat knee-to-knee.

According to the boy, McCray would masturbate himself and then have the child "finish" him.

In other instances, McCray would take the boy to a nearby park and have the boy "masturbate him" as the two hid in the bushes.

The boy eventually confided in his mother about the abuse, and she called the cops.

McCray didn't dispute the boy's claims -- when asked by police if he know why they wanted to talk to him, he said "Yes, it was about the inappropriate touching."

McCray copped to all of it, and told cops he'd abused the boy at least 10 times that he could remember.

McCray's been charged with 11 counts of molestation of a child, and one count of felony indecent exposure.

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