Augustus Shaw in Trouble Part Two: Complaint Alleges He's Lying About Living in Tempe

Following our post today about Augustus Shaw, who's running for the State Legislature, a reader pointed us to an Arizona Guardian article published today that spells even more trouble for the ethically challenged HOA lawyer.

Shaw lied about where he lives in official election documents, according to the law firm Perkins Coie Brown & Bain, which filed complaints today against Shaw and another GOP candidate running for state representative.

Shaw's using his in-law's address in Tempe for the campaign, but really lives in Scottsdale, the complaint states.

Guardian reporter Mary K. Reinhart writes that:

Attorney Augustus Shaw is running for the House in Tempe's District 17 but actually lives in District 20, according to the complaint. Shaw claims to reside at his in-law's home, about eight miles south of the house he shares with his wife, Andrada, and their children.

Private investigators hired by the law firm watched as Shaw came and went from the District 20 home on South Stephanie Lane during the June 5-6 weekend. The investigators followed Shaw and his wife to dinner in Scottsdale, tailed him to Home Depot and watched as Shaw walked his dog Sunday night.

They also observed the home of Shaw's in-laws, in District 17, and saw no sign that Shaw lived there. This is the address Shaw lists on candidate forms, according to the lawsuit.

The law firm wants Shaw's nominating petition signatures tossed.

Two other complaints filed today with election officials target other Republican candidates: District 15 State Senate candidate Bob Thomas and State Senator John Huppenthal, a candidate for State Schools Superintendent, are accused of collecting their nominating petition signatures before establishing official campaign committees, in violation of state law.

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