Avondale Names Street After Dale Earnhardt

The City of Avondale announced this morning that it will be naming a street after a man who is worshiped in trailer parks from Phoenix to Daytona: Dale Earnhardt.

City officials announced this morning that the north entrance to the new Avondale City Center will be called "Dale Earnhardt Drive" in remembrance of the NASCAR hall-of-famer, who died 10 years ago this year.

The Avondale City Center is currently under construction along Avondale Boulevard.

Earnhardt never lived in Avondale, but is widely regarded as the Messiah of the NASCAR world, and his memory is celebrated as such -- via-cases upon cases of cheap domestic beer, Confederate flags, and his legendary number "3" on the back windows of beat up pickup trucks throughout North America.

The announcement comes in conjunction with the Subway Fresh Fit 500 NASCAR Race to be held at Phoenix International Raceway this weekend.

Prior to the race, Avondale Mayor Marie Lopez Rogers and Phoenix International Raceway President Bryan R. Sperber, will give Earnhardt's son, Dale Earnhardt Jr., with a replica of the street sign honoring his father.

For more info on the race, or "Dale Earnhardt Drive," click here.

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