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Baby Gabriel Case Gets Even More Bizarre. Actual Mom and Would-be Mom Point Fingers

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Two days after airing a phone conversation between Elizabeth Johnson, the mother of missing baby Gabriel Johnson, and the boy's father -- in which Johnson says she suffocated Gabriel and threw him into a dumpster (a claim she later denied) -- KPHO aired another tape last night that makes the whole case even more bizarre.

In a phone call between Johnson and Tammi Smith -- the would-be adoptive mother of Gabriel -- arranged by prosecutors to try and get Smith to incriminate herself, the two women seem to point the finger at each other for the boy's disappearance. At the end, it seems, Smith even threatens Johnson.

From KPHO:

"Imagine this scenario Elizabeth. What if these people get found?," Smith said. "Or they're scared that they're gonna get found and what if they decide, 'You know what, let's kill Gabriel the way Elizabeth said she killed him. Let's put him in a bag and suffocate him, put him in a diaper bag and throw him in a Dumpster. Nobody will ever know that it will be us,'" Smith said.

"They'll find the baby dead and they'll think Elizabeth did what she did. If I were you, I would think really, really hard about where that baby is and who you gave that baby to," said Smith.

Prior to his disappearance, Smith was trying to adopt Gabriel, but Logan McQueary, the boy's father, refused to give up custody. The rest of the conversation between Smith and Johnson seems to suggest Smith possibly arranged for Johnson to give the baby to people in San Antonio, Texas -- or that Johnson's completely nuts, which, given her behavior since arrest, isn't outside the realm of possibility.

"Needless to say, I am very very upset at you," Johnson said. "I can't hide all of this anymore. Your involvement in all of it. All the plans that you made and you are completely denying all of it."

"Wait. Wait, what plans did I make? What are you talking about?" said Smith.

"You wanted the baby and you had a million plans how to get the baby," answered Johnson.

During the call, Johnson accused Smith of calling friends in Texas and arranging for a couple to meet Johnson and Gabriel in a park for the hand-off. But because Smith never told Johnson the names of the couple, Johnson couldn't help investigators find him.

"I never called them. You called them! It was all set up by you. I did everything you told me to do," Johnson said.

"You are a liar! A liar!" said Smith.

"No, you are," said Johnson.

"Either that, or you are psychotic," said Smith.

"I've seen all of the interviews and everything you've been saying and doing, throwing people under the bus, and you've thrown me under the bus," said Johnson.

"Elizabeth, you belong under the bus. You gave your baby away," said Smith.

"To you! To you!" exclaims Johnson.

"You said you killed him! You said you killed the baby. So you know what America believes? Is that you killed the baby," said Smith

See the entire interview at the KPHO website.

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