Barack Obama Will Not Release Photos of Osama bin Laden's Corpse

President Barack Obama has decided to not release photos of Osama bin Laden's corpse, despite the majority of Americans thinking he should.

Obama apparently doesn't pay attention to data retrieved from New Times' uber-unscientific morning polls, which overwhelming shows that people want to see photos of Osama bin Laden's corpse.

According to our poll, 76 percent of those polled want Obama to release the photos, 21 percent want to see Bin Laden's corpse dragged down New York's Fifth Avenue by a tank, and only three percent think the president should not release the photos.

As for a more scientific poll: According to a CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll, 56 percent of Americans want to see pictures of the terrorist's bullet-riddled body, while only 39 percent opposed the president's potentially releasing the graphic images.

The president's decision comes just a day after CIA Director Leon Panetta said he thought the photos probably would be released.

Obama announced his decision in an interview with CBS' 60 Minutes, which is scheduled to air Sunday.

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James King
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