Baseline Killer Case UPDATE: Accused Serial Murderer Mark Goudeau's Defense Team Calls No Witnesses

Just got word that he defense team of Mark Goudeau, accused of murdering nine people in an infamous 2005-06 crime spree, will not be calling any witnesses to the stand at his ongoing trial.

Craig was expected to call a Phoenix police officer, Rusty Stuart, whose bizarre musings on the high-profile case as a wannabe detective were the subject of a New Times story which readers can find here.

Stuart's fanciful notions found favor in a six-minute "investigative" piece by Channel 15 that we wrote about here.

We would have loved to see Rusty on the witness stand, just saying.

As for Goudeau, already serving life for the sexual assaults of two Phoenix sisters, he will be facing a possible death sentence if the jury convicts him of first-degree murder.

Simply put, the body of evidence against this guy is compelling and chilling to the extreme.

Goudeau was "good" as a criminal, as a killer, as a sexual sadist. 

But, thankfully, he wasn't that good.

Still, the concept of "reasonable doubt" looms over every criminal case, as well it should. The trial of State of Arizona v. Mark Goudeau is no exception,

Closing arguments are scheduled to begin in Judge Warren Granville's courtroom on October 17.



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Paul Rubin
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