Best Reader Caption For Photo of Michele Bachmann Kissing Joe Arpaio's A$$?

Last week, we asked our readers to offer suggestions for a caption for the above photo of Minnesota congresswoman/presidential candidate Michele Bachmann kissing Joe Arpaio's ass as she begs like a dog for Arpaio to endorse her candidacy for this week's New Times' You Write the Caption contest.

Once again, you didn't disappoint.

We had over 50 responses in the comment section of the post, which you can see by clicking here.

We've narrowed it down to five finalists, but only one can win the grand prize: a pay-your-own-way trip to the historic New Times building, a firm handshake, and a lukewarm glass of Phoenix's municipal tap water.

The finalists are as follows:

A) Shadeaux14 with "Damn it Joe, try not to go outside of the lines or mommy will have to take your crayons away."

B) WhoKnows with "Marcus would also like a pair of those cute pink panties" (obviously in reference to Bachmann's flamboyant husband Marcus' ability to "pray away the gay...").

C) DG with "That's it Joe, by signing there you agree to make people look gay with
your pink underwear and then my husband's company will then be paid by
taxpayers to take their gay away" (also in reference to Bachmann's twinkly-eyed husband's super power of praying away the gay).

D) Nweng with "And here's my plan for immigration reform: it's called 'pray the illegals away' (also in reference to Bachmann's effeminate husband's ability to cure gayness with prayer).

E) Cforyourself with "Turns out the HPV vaccine isn't the only thing that causes mental retardation."

Cast your vote below.

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