Bestiality and Child "Rape" Videos Found on Buckeye Man's Computer.

Time for a game of which is more disturbing -- starring 26-year-old Michael Barham, of Buckeye.

Barham was arrested yesterday after Phoenix police got word that he may have some kiddy-porn on his computer. After searching his home and computer, kiddy-porn was the least disturbing stuff cops dug up -- as hard to fathom as that may be.

The most disturbing of the many items found in Barham's posession is probably a toss up between the "child rape" videos and the bestiality flicks, but we'll get to those later.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, in August, the Phoenix Police Department Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force was forwarded two emails, each with 13 images attached.

The images were of kids -- all under the age of 12 -- having sex and the IP address used to send the emails was registered to Barham's mother, with whom he lives.

Cops paid a visit to the home and found the mother to be an unlikely suspect for the kiddy-porn. Barham's father, who also lives in the home, was also ruled out.

Police asked the two if there was anyone else who may have used the IP address to send emails and they told officers their son was the only other person who used it.

They also asked the couple what their son's email address is, and, sure enough, it was the same address used to send the email that initially tipped off authorities.

Barham, unfortunately, wasn't home at the time -- he was in Georgia visiting his 3-month-old baby.

On October 26, detectives got a warrant to search all of the computer equipment that was seized from the home, including a laptop taken from Barham's bedroom.


On the laptop, police found not only images of child pornography, but videos "titled as being rape videos of of underage girls." As if child rape and kiddy-porn isn't disturbing enough, police also found several videos on the computer of people having sex with animals.

After his arrest, Barham denied possessing any kiddy-porn but admitted to posting the bestiality videos on the Internet and to sending the kiddy-porn-filled emails that led police to his door.

Barham was taken to the Fourth Avenue Jail and has been charged with four counts of sexual exploitation of a minor.

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