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Bill Montgomery's Apartheid Policies Challenged by Puente's Carlos Garcia in Videotaped Confrontation

Monty's head nearly explodes as he's challenged by Carlos Garcia of Puente

Kudos to Carlos Garcia and his fellow activists at Puente for again confronting Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery on his policy of overcharging undocumented workers so as to make them ineligible for bail, coercing a guilty plea that will likely make them deportable.

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Garcia tells me that Monty was in Maryvale on Thursday night, along with Phoenix Police Chief Daniel Garcia and Phoenix City Councilman Danny Valenzuela, for a community forum. Essentially, Puente took over, and put Monty on blast for his apartheid-like practices.

In his address to Montgomery seen in the video above, Garcia asks him about the 23 mothers, fathers, grandfathers, aunts and uncles arrested February 8, in Sheriff Joe Arpaio's raid on Sportex Apparel in Tempe.

These ordinary workers were charged with class four felonies for forgery and identity theft, and held without bail. Their undocumented status and the type of felonies they were charged with made them ineligible for bond under Arizona law.

After three months of enduring regular strip-searches, violent conditions, abusive detention officers, and inedible rations, fourteen of the accused signed agreements with the MCAO this week, pleading guilty to class six felony impersonation, a plea that will likely make them removable by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

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