Billy Bryant, Ex-Bus Driver Known as "Mr. Bill," Pleads Guilty to Molesting 9-Year-Old

The former charter school bus driver who liked to be called "Mr. Bill" pleaded guilty this morning to charges related to luring a 9-year-old girl to his car and molesting her.

"Mr. Bill," known to the court system as Billy Bryant, pleaded guilty this morning to three counts child molestation and one count of aggravated assault.

According to court documents previously obtained by New Times, Bryant drove to the Mesa home of the 9-year-old girl -- whom Bryant had known prior to this incident -- and he found her playing outside her house.

Bryant waved the girl over to his car, as Bryant got out and greeted her by grabbing her butt.

Police found that out because the girl's father was watching his daughter from an upstairs window.

Bryant began to use a back massager on the girl's back, then on her vagina, as the girl's father was running outside to get his daughter back from "Mr. Bill."

The girl's father pulled the girl out of the car and began yelling at Bryant as he drove away, and the girl's pops informed police of the incident, as well as Bryant's license plate number.

That license plate number let the cops to Bryant's house, where he was arrested.

Police discovered Bryant used to be a bus driver at the Legacy Charter School, likely due to the fact that Bryant was fired after a similar allegation was made against him the year before, involving Bryant allegedly groping a youngster.

Bryant's sentencing is scheduled for August 13.

James King contributed to this report.

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