Billy Shields Says His Family's "Stunned and Saddened;" Police Investigating Embezzlement Allegations Against His Daughter

UPDATE: Billy Shields tells New Times that he's "stunned and saddened" as Phoenix police investigate allegations that his daughter, Mindy, embezzled money from a campaign account belonging to Greg Stanton.

New Times posted the story earlier today about more than $75,000 reportedly taken from Stanton, a deputy attorney general and former councilman.

Shields says his family's trying to cope with the situation.

Shields, a well-known lobbyist and influential figure in Valley politics, tells New Times:

"I love my daughter with all my heart, and Greg is a good friend. While stunned and saddened, our family is trying to deal with this with love and understanding. While we can be helpful to her financially and emotionally, this is something my daughter will have to work through."

"We understand and respect the job the authorities have to do," he adds. "And we would ask that our friends and other families out there pray for our family."

Shields says he's been getting media calls regarding the story.

"Please ... make it clear that I will not be commenting further to any other media outlets," he says.

Phoenix police also are mum about the case.

Sergeant Trent Crump, a spokesman for Phoenix police, confirmed that officers are "currently investigating an alleged embezzlement," but said that they will not be giving interviews because the case is ongoing.

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Monica Alonzo
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