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Birther Bill Earns Wing-Nut Status From Daily Beast

The advancement of the embarrassing "birther" bill in the Arizona House of Representatives yesterday has left people across the country questioning the sanity of Arizona legislators and, in-turn, the sanity of Arizonans.

The conspiracy theorist's wet dream controversial bill has now garnered enough negative attention to get a little love from the Daily Beast's Wing-Nut Hall of Fame -- a designation reserved for the most bat-shit crazy people or ideas.

Here's what the Beast had to say about our legislative lunatics:  

Can't wait to hear if John McCain has something to say about this: Right on the heels of passing the strictest anti-immigration laws in the country, the Arizona House has passed a provision that will require President Obama to show his birth certificate in order to get on the state's ballot. The state House voted 31-22 to add the measure, which will require all U.S. presidential candidates to prove they meet constitutional requirements, to a larger bill, which still faces a vote. One Democratic state rep. said that Arizona is becoming "the laughing stock of the nation," but the state may in fact be in good company: similar laws have been proposed in Florida, Oklahoma, and Missouri.

The reader comments on the Beast's post give Arizonans an even better idea of what people  think about the Grand Canyon State.

A reader with the handle DeliaK had this to say:

Yet another reason to avoid Arizona. The Wing Nut Hall of Fame -- indeed!!!

Robertell had this to contribute: Next up......All Arizonas will be forced to wear United States Flags uniforms, and carry a book about Joe Stalin....

Arizona might as well be Russia in 1933.

TenBrink posted this: The big deal is that the lunatics in AZ's legislature are waaaaaaay out of the mainstream. They are ruining AZ and I feel like there may be copy-cat legislatures doing the same thing. This is the reverse evolution of ideas and ideology. This is very Jim Crow....remember the 1% rule?

As we stated yesterday, it's becoming clearerr that even if the bill doesn't pass in the Senate, which it probably will, the fact that it's even getting discussed makes Arizona look like a hillbilly paradise.

To check out all the anti-Arizona comments on the Beast's post, click here. 

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