Bobcat Bursts Into Bar in Cottonwood, Attacks Two People; Motorist Also Scratched in Face

This is Arizona!

Two people were injured Tuesday night in a Cottonwood bar when a real, live bobcat bounced inside and started tearin' up the place. Check out the coverage by Channel 3 (KTVK-TV) that includes surveillance video obtained from the bar and an article that describes what happened. Here's a sample:

That bobcat caught patrons off guard, causing some to jump on pool tables and grab pool sticks before pulling their cell phone cameras out for pictures. Another patron explains, "My friend got down with his camera phone and the cat jumped up and hit him in the face."

Kyle Hicks is now undergoing treatment for rabies. He tells 3TV the bobcat, "Scratched up my face and pretty good the back of my ears."

Another patron had his leg scratched by the sick wild animal while trying to get out of its way.

A Northern Arizona radio station had a few extra details:

Monday night at 10-pm 45-year old Ruth Gorder was attacked by the cat after she thought she hit it with her vehicle in the area of Fir and Viejo. She told police the cat attacked her when she got out of her car. Another motorist kicked the cat off Gorder and it fled the area. Gorder suffered a scratch to her face. A short time later an employee at Pizza Hut reported a bobcat outside the restaurant had acted aggressive towards her. Again the cat fled before police arrived. 11:40-pm the bobcat entered the Chaparral Bar on Main Street, forcing many patrons up on their bar stools. Police say the cat attacked 2 people in the bar, biting 24-year old Kyle Hicks and 27-year old Derek Oliver.

The bobcat, believed to be rabid, was shot by police.

Simply wild.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.