Brett Mecum Article Removed by Popular Right-Wing Blog; Sonoran Alliance Denies Republican Party Influenced Decision

One of our fleet-fingered readers managed to cut and paste the text of a right-wing blog post and its comments about Brett Mecum (above), executive director of the Arizona Republican Party, just before the blog site deleted the content.

Like many blog sites, including our own Valley Fever, the popular, conservative blog Sonoran Alliance had published an article on June 3 about the dismissal of Mecum's speed-camera case. Mecum, if you'll recall, was photographed by a speed camera on April 10 while traveling at an alleged 109 miles per hour in his bitchin' Ford Shelby GT Mustang. The article soon picked up a healthy 25 comments, including many that were harshly critical of Mecum.

The SA article, written by the androgynous, anonymous "Pat," explains how Judge John Keegan, an active opponent of photo enforcement, dismissed Mecum's case. Then Pat adds his two cents' worth:

It's pretty clear what the dismissal of charges against Mecum signal: 1. Anyone can drive whatever speed they want in Judge Keegan's jurisdiction and a photo radar ticket will be thrown out. This doesn't mean a traffic cop ticket will be dismissed. 2. Photo radar will remain controversial in Arizona and will likely work its way through revisions in the legislature and courts. 3. If you're a party official, it helps to know someone in elected office to get you off the hook. 4. Republicans with fast cars can ignore the conventional wisdom that driving at excessive speeds is dangerous.

Democrats are going to have a field day with this.

Whether Pat was being cheeky or serious with those last few quips, his post provoked a strong anti-Mecum sentiment from SA readers. Many of the comments referred to the Mecum-as-Captain-America pictures from the Dirty that we mentioned this week.

Amy Says: June 3rd, 2009 at 10:21 am I want to know why someone like that is still holding the position of Executive Director for the State Republican Party. In addition to criminally violating the law, he has no respect for women as indicated in these sleazy pictures of him posted on - As a woman, I am offended and do not feel that someone like this should be representing my interests in the Republican Party. As long as he is still Executive Director of the party, I will not give the GOP one dime, and I will be telling the members of my Republican Women's club not to either.

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