Brian Weymouth Lawsuit of the Day: This One Against The State Liquor Department and Company

We are loathe to spend much more time on the legal doings of Paradise Valley businessman Brian Weymouth, at least until things move forward in the pending major felony criminal case against him.


Hell, we just published a cover story on the guy, describing how he allegedly ripped off hundreds of thousands of restaurant equipment that didn't belong to him, and how he got crossways with rocker Alice Cooper, boxing great Julio Cesar Chavez, and the son of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor. 

Then, just a few days ago, we did a blog item, available here, which spoke of Weymouth's recent filing of a civil suit against many of the officials (and others) involved in the ongoing criminal case against him.

That list included Maricopa County sheriff's personnel, a deputy county attorney and her boss, Bill Montgomery, and others.

Now, yet another lawsuit from Weymouth, who seems to have more time on his hands at the moment that most of the rest of us.

This one, also filed pro per in Maricopa County Superior Court, targets the Arizona Department of Liquor License and Control, and several employees of that agency for alleged wrongdoing.

The trouble is that, other than the named defendants, the lawsuit is note for note the same as the one he filed against the county officials last week.

For the life of us, we can't find one word, not a one, in the complaint where Weymouth specifies anything that the Liquor Department crew are supposed to have done to him.

It is a seriously strange document.

Weymouth seems to believe that much of the Western World, or at least a whole bunch of folks in local and state governmental agencies, has it in for him.

Brian, here's some unsolicited advice: Concentrate on trying to beat the criminal rap against you and stay out of prison.

We have the strong sense that a penal institution would not suit you--and vice-versa.

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Paul Rubin
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