Buddy Holly
Buddy Holly

Buddy Holly's 1958 Chevy Impala to be Sold at Barrett-Jackson Auction

If you're willing to pay the price, all sorts of high-priced machinery can be yours at the Barrett-Jackson luxury auctions in Scottsdale -- and at the 2010 auction, buyers will be able to bid on a little piece of rock n' roll history.

Barrett-Jackson announced today that Buddy Holly's 1958 Chevy Impala is on the block at this year's auction, and the highest bidder can relive all the glory of the 1950s behind the wheel of a car owned by one of the men who provided the soundtrack that defined the later-part of the decade.

The Chevy is said to be totally restored, so let's hope it runs a little better than Buddy's plane (too soon?).

Holly bought the car in 1957 in Clovis, New Mexico, two years before his untimely death.

The auction house says Holly used the car to cruise around New Mexico in search of Mexican guitars before giving it to his father.

The car was sold and sat in a body shop in Holly's hometown of Lubbock, Texas, until it was bought and restored by Bill Clement, a Lubbock Chevy collector.

After restoring the car, Clement toured the country, showing off the vehicle that once belonged to "Lubbock's favorite son." 

"It's time for the Impala to change hands and to allow the next generation of enthusiastic fans to keep the legend of Buddy Holly alive," he says in a statement. "And who better than Barrett-Jackson to make that happen?" 

He might be right -- Barrett-Jackson may be the best venue to pass along the memory of Buddy Holly, assuming the "next generation" has hundreds of thousands of dollars to blow on a 51-year-old car.

The starting price has not yet been set for Holly's Impala but odds are it wont be cheap. A watch believed to have been owned by Holly sold for more than $150,000 back in 2006.

Hold on to your checkbooks because the deal gets even, um, sweeter.

Barrett-Jackson claims that the real-life "Peggy-Sue" will be on stage with the car to "greet fans."

If the chance to gawk at a woman who is now in her late-60's isn't enough to put some butts in the seats, we don't know what is.

The Barrett-Jackson auction will be held at Westworld of Scottsdale on January 18-24. 


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