Carpenters Union Takes to Streets in Tempe, But Bully-like Union Leaders Refuse to Say Why


About 50 demonstrators from the Carpenters Union chanted and marched on the corner of University Drive and Mill Avenue in Tempe today — but don't ask why.

A man with an orange safety vest who claimed to be one of the leaders of today's demonstration says he doesn't talk to the media.

But we just want to find out what's going on, why you're demonstrating, we tell him.

Another dude in an Indiana Jones hat, sporting a white goatee, also gave us the brush-off. Then a guy wearing mirrored shades put himself between us and whomever we tried to ask what was going on, sticking his picket sign in front of our phone camera lens.

"Why don't you just go away — we don't need you over here?" fumes Indiana Jones. Something's clearly up his butt, and since we just met him, we're not sure what.

We remind him that it's a public street corner.

"It is, but why don't you just go away, go about your business," he says. "Stay away from my people. They don't have anything to say to you."

Damn, these guys suck!


"Aren't you out here for attention?" we ask, incredulous at the attitude of these bullies.

"No," says one of the smart-asses.

So, there you have it. Labor unions at their finest.

That'll teach us to ask questions. We feel lucky not to have gotten our asses kicked.


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