There's King Charles, doin' the weather.
There's King Charles, doin' the weather.

Charles Barkley Pretty Much Took Over ABC 15 Last Night (Videos)

Remember what Godzilla did to Tokyo? That's pretty much what Charles Barkley did to ABC 15 last night.

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Barkley was with ABC 15's sports department to talk about the most obvious subject, which is how much the Phoenix Suns suck.

That made us wonder why Barkley wasn't coaching the Suns (not really), then we wondered why he wasn't President of the United States (almost not really).

After talking about the Suns, and Manti Te'o, and Tiger Woods, and President Obama, and gun control (WTF?!), Barkley made perhaps his best television appearance of all-time -- the ABC 15 weather report.

King Charles' into line: "When the rain gon' stop?"

He then complains about Scottsdale not being on the weather map, declares 54 degrees is not chilly, talks about golf, doesn't take the weatherman's bait to say "turrible," and ends with a bit about covering up his plants, although he says he doesn't study his plants.

Watch the rest of ABC 15's news last night, which included Charles Barkley, Charles Barkley, and Charles Barkley.

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