Christine Jones, GOP Candidate for Governor and ex-Go Daddy Exec, Arrested for DUI in '04

Christine Jones, a GOP candidate for governor in 2014 and former lawyer for Go Daddy, was popped for DUI in 2004, records show.

That's right; the woman who was singing for Sheriff Joe Arpaio at a charity event a few days ago was singing the blues in his jail a few years ago.

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Not to give her too much grief -- hey, stuff happens. She doesn't appear to be a repeat offender. But she's not Charles Barkley, or even Jan Brewer, who apparently escaped a DUI charge after being pulled over for impaired driving back in the 1980s. When you're a hardcore, right-wing, newbie politician trying to fit in with the Moral Majority set, the revelation of a DUI could be a setback for the campaign.

Records show a DUI filed in Phoenix municipal court on April 14, 2004. She was arrested and cited for impaired driving, having a BAC of more than .08, and an unsafe lane change. She was convicted two years later of two misdemeanors.

Jones sent a statement to New Times about the incident today:

"I was pulled over in 2004 and charged with DUI. There was no one in the car with me at the time, there was no accident and fortunately no one was hurt. I went to court and paid my dues like everyone else. It is a mistake that I very much regret and I am not proud of that night. We are all human and I learned a hard lesson and have never had another incident since then." -- Christine Jones

Her driving record since then has been blemished only by red-light-running charges in 2008 and 2009, and a ticket that was later dismissed this past June for going too fast to avoid a collision.

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