Club Candids: Cuatro de Mayo at San Felipe's Cantina

By Lilia Menconi

San Felipe's Cantina on Sunday, May 4

Wipe off your drool and click through our San Felipe's Cantina slideshow.

Whatever your opinion on immigration laws, there’s one Mexican import that all Zonies seem to agree on. OK, two: burritos, and the cerveza- and margarita-filled extravaganza that is Cinco de Mayo. We’ll gladly join any celebration that calls for heavy drinking. Since we were so pumped, we got a good head start at the “Cinco de Drinko” party on Sunday, May 4, at San Felipe’s Cantina. It was the first night of the two-day shindig, and the place sported a healthy crowd munching on nachos and watching live bands. The vibe was pretty relaxed because we’re betting most folks had to work the next day. Sure enough for us, Monday morning was brutal. But it was nothing a shot of tequila couldn’t fix.

San Felipe's Cantina at Tempe Market Place, 2000 E. Rio Salado Pkwy, 480-736-8226, www.sanfelipescantina.com

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