Congressman Trent Franks Will Run for Senate -- But Only at God's Request

Republican Arizona Congressman Trent Franks' decision on whether to run for the Senate seat being vacated by Senator Jon Kyl will apparently not be made by Franks -- rather, it will be made by god and his constituents, the Congressman told GOPers.

Franks spoke to a group of Sun City Republicans last week where he made the announcement that when it came to his decision to run, he'd be passing the buck all the way to the man (or woman) upstairs.

"I truly don't know what God wants me to do and what is right for the country," Franks said of his upcoming decision at the group's meeting last week.

While Franks is awaiting god's decision about his potential Senate run, the congressman should use his divine walkie-talkie to see how god feels about his recent foot-in-mouth comment that black people were basically better off under slavery.

Franks is one of several far-right-wingers eying the seat. Others include former TV pitchman J.D. Hayworth, and even former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

At the same meeting, Franks reportedly took a poll of those present to see if they'd support his candidacy. According to the East Valley Tribune, the 130-member group overwhelmingly back the congressman, which makes sense considering the support he's received from county Party leaders.

As New Times reported earlier this month, Maricopa County GOP Chairman Rob Haney is actively urging the congressman to run -- and actively campaigning against Franks would-be Republican primary opponent, Congressman Jeff Flake, the only declared candidate
for the seat.

In a letter to Maricopa County GOPers, Haney penned the following:

Dear Family, Friends, PCs and TEA Patriots,

Marne and I want to encourage you to contact Congressman Trent Frank's local

office to let him know of the tremendous grassroot support he would have if

he tosses his hat in the ring for our Senate seat. He is seriously

considering doing so and our encouragement can only help him realize what a

strong, viable candidate he will be for AZ conservatives.

If you agree with us, please send a personal note to his local office at:

7121 W. Bell Rd, #200,  Glendale, AZ  85308.

On the envelope, please write "Attn: Shari Farrington".  Shari is a PC also

and is Cong. Franks' District Office Executive Assistant and Field

Representative.  Many of you have met Shari. She is a familiar face at

District, Pachyderm and TEA Party meetings.

 A poll to vote for the candidate you would prefer is being conducted at the

site below.


Rob & Marne

Stay tuned -- we'll let you know as soon as Franks god makes his decision.

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