Cool Web Site: Follow What's Up With Predatory Priests Here and Around the Nation

The Web site is a doozy.

It contains the names, court documents, timelines, and more about the untold numbers of Catholic priests and/or their superiors who have been caught after engaging in ungodly sexual acts with children.

Here in the Diocese of Phoenix alone, the site lists 25 predatory priests who eventually found their way into the criminal-justice system (and, in some instances, prison).

Many of those finally popped by the law served under  infamous Bishop Thomas O'Brien, the putz in the photo.


O'Brien, readers may recall, was the first Roman Catholic bishop in U.S. history to be convicted of a felony, but it wasn't a sex-related charge. A jury convicted the prelate in 2004 of leaving the scene of a fatal accident (O'Brien hit a pedestrian at the intersection of 19th Avenue and Glendale, then split).

O'Brien avoided having to hold holy communion with Bubba in the state pen after a judge sentenced him to four years of probation and a ton of community-service work.

Anyway, the above-noted Web site is quite a repository for anyone interested in the ongoing priests' sex scandals.

Thanks to former New Times editor Jeremy Voas, now an investigator for the federal Public Defender's Office in Phoenix, for tipping us to the site.


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