Craziest Phoenix Crime in the Month of May?

Yesterday, we brought you our picks for the 10 craziest crimes that happened in Phoenix in the month of May.

We'll leave it up to you to crown the craziest alleged criminal of the month.

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10 Craziest Phoenix Crimes of the Month: May

Check out the summaries here, or the links below, and cast your vote at the bottom of the post:

10.) J'Shon Youyetewa Demands That Cops "Verify She Had a Penis"

9.) Kenneth Melton Has Weed, Walks Head-First Into Tree for Saddest Arrest of 2013

8.) Jessica Harvey Passed Out Drunk While Infant Kids Started Eating Random Pills

7.) Restaurant Owner, Accused of Stabbing Co-Owners to Death in Dining Area

6.) Rozeanna Luna Tries to Give Away Her Baby at a Phoenix Gas Station

5.) Christmas Comes Early for Phoenix Man ("Christmas" Is His Ex-Girlfriend)

4.) Thomas Mettham Says He Just Likes to Watch Men Poo

3.) Jill Pemberton Threatens "Black Boyfriend" Will Have Sex With Cop's Daughter

2.) Brett Saltus Arrested in Series of Drive-By Masturbations

1.) Colleen Fellin Allegedly Squeezed Phoenix Cop's Scrotum

Cast your vote below:

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