Cut a Guy Off, Get Shot in The Face; Police Searching for Suspect in Road Rage Shooting

Phoenix is starting to live up to its "streets of rage" reputation.

Early this morning, police say a Phoenix man cut another man off with his car near West Indian School Road and North 51st Avenue just after midnight.

Given Phoenix's No. 6 ranking on the list of cities with the worst road rage, the man must have had a death wish.

Police say that after the incident, the drivers of both cars involved in the seemingly capital offense of cutting someone off, began chasing each other.

That's when things took a turn for the absurd.

Police say that the driver of the car that was cut off pulled out a gun and fired more than eight shots at the other man's car, one of which hit the driver in the head.

The wound was not life-threatening, but the victim was taken to a Phoenix hospital, where his condition is unknown.

The victim has refused to press charges, and why would he? He only got shot in the face. Apparently, Phoenix is now "Tough Guy Town U.S.A." Why deal with lawyers when you can just hit the rage-filled roads, and get some sweet revenge?

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