Danny Carbajal, Who Ripped Off His Boxing Champ Brother Michael, Released From Prison

The Arizona Department of Corrections has released Danny Carbajal, who served 3 1/2 years behind bars for stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars in retirement and property accounts from his estranged (and then murdered) wife, Sally.

  Danny also allegedly ripped off his younger brother Michael--Phoenix's greatest pugilist--of millions of dollars won during a storied career that earned him a spot in the International Boxing Hall of Fame.

We have written often about the Carbajals, in good times and bad.

One of the good ones was the very first story ever written on Michael and his clan, 1987s "A Hit With His Family," which is so ancient at this point that we don't even have it on this website.

Danny was portrayed as a great guy in that one, as Michael's mentor and boxing trainer whose whole life seemed dedicated to forging a championship caliber fighter.

But things went very badly in the years after Michael's decline as a world-class fighter and after Danny and his wife Sally got enmeshed in what became a contentious divorce.

Sally and her new boyfriend were shot to death in 2005 as they left their west Phoenix apartment for a critical appointment with her divorce attorney.

Authorities strongly suspected Danny of being behind the killings, but weren't able to make a strong enough case against him. (That investigation into Sally Carbajal's murder remains open, as there is no statute of limitations in homicide cases).

It isn't known at this point where Danny is living, or what his plans are.

We tried to contact Michael earlier, but he didn't answer. We'll catch up with him soon.

If you want to read more about Danny Carbajal's role in fracturing his once-close family, kindly click here.

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