Democrats Think They Can Take Back Control of Arizona Legislature

The Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee identified Arizona as a state where Democrats could either make significant gains or seize control of a state legislature.

Recall that just four years ago, Republicans won a super-majority, occupying two-thirds of the seats in both the Arizona House and Senate.

The Arizona Capitol Times reported this morning on the Democratic Legislative Campaign Committee's (DLCC) claim that Arizona's now in play for Democrats to some degree.

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The DLCC is similar to the Democratic Congressional Committee, in which it works on fundraising and campaigning for Democratic candidates, but at the state legislature level.

The DLCC announced that it "released its Flip Chart 2014, which is a list of legislative chambers where Democrats have the greatest opportunity to cut into Republican majorities and potentially 'flip' the chambers to Democratic control."

"Emerging Majorities notes legislative chambers where Democrats have the greatest opportunity to cut into Republican majorities and potentially "flip" the chambers to Democratic control," the website says.

Under that, the Arizona Senate is listed. Republicans currently hold a 17-13 majority there.

"Chambers to Watch are where we believe strong Democratic gains are possible in 2014 and could position Democrats to compete for the majority in future cycles," the DLCC website says. "These are also chambers where Democrats can reach constitutionally significant benchmarks in 2014."

Republicans have a 36-24 advantage in the House.

The DLCC identifies just 10 other legislative bodies around the country where it believes it can take the majority or compete for the majority in the future.

DLCC executive director Michael Sargeant said the following in a statement:

"No doubt about it, Democrats are poised to make gains this cycle. We have great candidate recruitment across the country and are seeing a lot of enthusiasm from both our candidates and from voters. As part of the DLCC's big emphasis on our field efforts, called the Grassroots Victory Program, over 220 field organizers are spread across the country in key races and organizing community by community. Field organizing will go a long way toward making sure that Democratic voters are energized in an off-year election. Democrats are in a great position right now to make gains, win some new majorities, hold the majorities we have-- and make key investments and gains in chambers that we can flip in '16, '18 and '20."

Arizona Republicans lost their super-majorities in 2012, but it seems a bit lofty of a goal for Dems to think they could take over either chamber this year.

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