Desert Schools Warns of Debit Card Scam: How do People Still Fall for This Crap?

Thanks to countless idiots, who despite more than a decade of warnings are still giving their debit card pin numbers away to strangers, there is a brand new debit card scam going on right here in the Valley.

Desert Schools Federal Credit Union is warning customers about a scam that is happening right now. Here's how it works: "Your bank" will send you a text message saying that your debit card has been blocked. The text will give you a number to call, where a recording asks you to enter your pin number and the expiration date on your card.

As most scams go, there is not a friendly banker on the other end of the line looking out for your best interests, but rather a criminal looking to buy a bunch of stuff on your dime.

"Once you enter that information, there are criminals on the other end of the line who will use this to go on a shopping spree," says Desert Schools spokesman Jason Meyers. "There aren't any financial institutions out there that will ask you for any personal account information, especially passwords."

Meyers says there have been a few people who have fallen for the scam already, and urges anyone who receives a suspicious text to check out this Web site.

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James King
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