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Did Rachel Brock Get Off Easy? New Times Readers Seem to Think So

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Rachel Brock, the daughter of Maricopa County Supervisor Fulton Brock, was sentenced yesterday to 10 years supervised probation and a deferred one-year in jail after pleading guilty to charges that she sexually abused the same boy her mother, Susan Brock, was convicted of molesting.

See our cover story on the Brock family's sexual circus -- and the county supervisor's attempts to cover up the abuse -- here.

Brock pleaded guilty to two counts of child abuse with sexual motivation for having a sexual relationship with the then-13-year-old victim, a family friend the Brock family met through their Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Brock, at the time of much of the abuse, was 18.

Click here for details of the relationship.

Susan Brock, who pleaded guilty in January to three counts of attempted sexual conduct with a minor for abusing the same boy, is currently serving a 13-year prison sentence.

Rachel Brock, who got popped last December, served less than a week in jail following her arrest.

Several New Times readers say Rachel got off easy (no pun intended, perverts). Some even suggest there's a double-standard, and that men convicted of sex crimes are treated much more harshly than women.

EValleyGuy posted the following on our post about Brock's sentencing (which you can see by clicking here):

What a double standard we have here. She does a minor male and gets probation. If it was reversed the male would be doing 3-5 years and probably ten years probation.

Plea or no plea she should have done time in jail and not a hand slap.

FreedomFighter chimed in with a story of his own [all sic]:

Thats it?? Thats all she got?? My brother whom has medium to high functioning autism and the mentality of a 10 year old (and thats on a good day) is looking at spending the next 80 years in prison for alledgedly viewing topless pictures of a 16 year old girl. He didnt know the girl, just downloaded some pictures. For that he will pay with his life. But im glad Fulton Brock was able to make sure his daughter didnt feel the wrath of Az's sex laws. Mr Brock, my brother was charged with crimes much less serious then your daughter was. If you have any decency in you then you will personally see to it that others in your situation recieve the same treatment your family has.

We want to know what you think: did Rachel Brock get a slap on the wrist for having a sexual relationship with a teenage boy?

Cast your vote below.

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