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DMX and Arizona Judge Contribute to Postponement of Celebrity Rehab Show

The VH1 reality show Celebrity Rehab has run into a bit of a production snag that has postponed taping of the upcoming season.

While there is certainly no shortage of celebutards fucked up on drugs, there is a shortage of celebs willing to sell their souls to the reality gods and have their recovery from substance abuse used as entertainment.

It's reported today that despite signing  reality stars like Tila Tequilla, and Jason Wahler -- of Laguna Beach and DUI fame -- the show has failed to sign anyone else.

The show's creator and host, Dr. Drew Pinsky, has reportedly been turned down by celebs like Heather Locklear, Charlie Sheen, Brooke Mueller, Jenna Jameson, and was even given the cold shoulder by Lindsay Lohan, who was offered $1 million for her participation.

There is one drug-ravaged celeb who agreed to be on the show, but, unfortunately for Dr. Drew, he's sitting in a Maricopa County Jail and a judge won't let him out to "recover" on national television.

Rapper DMX was denied a motion by a county Superior Court judge last month that would have allowed him to leave jail and participate in Pinsky's show.

DMX was put on probation after a 2007 incident where sheriff's deputies raided his home and found 12 malnourished dogs, three dead dogs, drugs, and weapons.

While in jail, Simmons was convicted of attempted aggravated assault for throwing a food tray at a corrections officer.

Simmons was sent back to the slammer in March after violating his probation by failing a drug test.

It's been reported that Pinsky formally appealed to the presiding judge to release DMX into his care for treatment -- a move the judge was considering.

"X," however, is apparently doing so well with his court-appointed rehab program that at a hearing last month, the judge denied a request to move him.

DMX is scheduled to get out of the slammer in July.

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