Do Arizona's Legislators Deserve a Raise? (Laugh, Then Vote)

Every other year, a commission is supposed to gather info and decide how much the state's legislators should be paid, and they pass that recommendation on to the ballot to let voters decide if it'll stick.

(When you're done laughing your ass off at the thought of giving Arizona's legislators another dime, continue reading.)

Governor Jan Brewer didn't even let the panel get together for the last go-round, but it appears as if it'll meet this year to consider a raise above the current $24,000 salary, which voters approved in 1998.

Legislative salaries around the country vary wildly, from zero in New Mexico -- they still get some per diem coin -- to approaching six figures in California.

Considering the federal conviction, federal indictment, and strange behavior from the state's legislators just this session -- of course, among other issues -- this may not be the best time to ask for a raise for everyone.

This morning's question, for those who haven't already pissed themselves laughing: Do Arizona's legislators deserve a raise?

Cast your vote below:


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