Kerby Young

El Mirage Man Arrested for Taking Nudey Photos of Neighbor

​Having pictures of your nude, female neighbor isn't the strangest thing in the world -- assuming she gave them to you.

 However, when you get the images by sneakin' around outside her bathroom window with a camera -- without her knowing -- not only is it super-creepy, it's also super-illegal.

An El Mirage man was arrested yesterday for doing exactly that, police say.

And, as luck should have it, the suspect's currently on probation for a different act of creepy sexual behavior.

Kerby Young, 29, of El Mirage, was arrested yesterday after police caught word earlier this month that he had some nude photos of his female neighbor.

The photos showed the woman naked in the bathroom of her house.

The photos were given to police on July 11, by an unidentified person who knew Young. That person says the photos were taken in November 2009.

Young admitted that he took the photos, telling police he used a step-ladder so he could pop his head over a fence and see into the neighbor's bathroom.

Young is already on probation after a 2007 arrest for public sexual indecency.

In that case, Young exposed himself to people as he was driving his car in the parking lot of a Phoenix Target store.

Young now faces charges for surreptitious photographing and voyeurism.

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