Elizabeth Johnson, Mother of Missing Baby Gabriel Johnson, Granted Psychiatric Evaluation

Elizabeth Johnson, mother of missing baby Gabriel Johnson, did not show up to court this morning after her lawyers waived her right to appear for a status conference. Her attorneys were there, though, pushing for a psychological evaluation of Johnson to determine whether she is even competent to stand trial.

After all the crazy shit this chick's been up to the last few months, many would argue she's not competent to tie her own shoes, which is probably why Judge Paul McMurdie agreed to the defense's request and will allow the evaluation.

As we pointed out yesterday, aside from providing absolutely no help to law enforcement agencies trying to find her missing son, Johnson has refused to go to court, tried to fire her lawyer for no apparent reason, other than the woman was "telling [her] what to do;" wrote a last will and testament; started fights with her fellow MCSO inmates; and went on a hunger strike by refusing to eat Sheriff Joe's "loaf"  -- which she claims is full of worms.

Adding to the bizarre streak of behavior is that while on the run with Gabriel, Johnson sent text messages to the baby's father, Logan McQueary, saying she had killed the baby and stuffed his "little blue body" into a dumpster.

After her late-December arrest, Johnson claimed the baby was not dead but that she gave him to a random couple she met at a park in San Antonio, Texas. Police have been unable to locate any such couple.

Johnson is currently in a Maricopa County jail on charges of kidnapping and custodial interference. Her next court appearance is June 7.  

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