Elizabeth Johnson, Mother of Missing Baby Gabriel, Refuses to Go to Court

Elizabeth Johnson, the Tempe mother of missing 8-month old baby Gabriel Johnson, refused to go to her court hearing this morning, Maricopa County Superior Court officials tell New Times.

Johnson, charged with abuse and kidnapping in the December disappearance of the baby, apparently refused to attend a hearing for motions, including the designation of counsel, which cannot be ruled on without the defendant in court.

Court spokeswoman Karen Arra says Johnson opted to stay in jail rather than attend the hearing. Johnson won't have that option next week, though.

Judge Timothy Ryan rescheduled the hearing for March 17, and has given the Maricopa County sheriff's deputies responsible for transporting Johnson carte blanche when it comes to making sure her butt is in his courtroom at 10 a.m.

According to Arra, Judge Ryan told deputies to use "any means necessary" to get Johnson to court next week.

Boy, did Johnson pick the wrong county for acting out.

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