Enviga Tea by Coca-Cola and Nestle Forced to Back Off Health Claims by Arizona and Other States

Thanks to a settled lawsuit brought by Arizona and other states, cans or bottles of Enviga, a green tea made by Coca-Cola and Nestle, must now include a disclaimer to let people know the product won't cause weight loss.

Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard joined fellow top cops in 26 other states to stop the high-profile companies from using phrases in the marketing of Enviga that might have fooled consumers.

The product may increase the body's metabolism and increase the burning of calories -- after all, it's chock-full of caffeine. But the implication of weight loss will now be watered down by a printed statement on Enviga labels that reads: "

Enviga burns calories but is not by itself a guaranteed weight loss

Remember, weight loss requires a
reduced calorie diet and regular
exercise. Individual results may vary.
Drinking more than three cans per
day will not have an additional effect.

The companies also have to give $650,000 to the 27 states involved in the lawsuit, according to a news release (PDF) from Goddard's office. The penalty will help make amends for previous marketing campaigns that contended the product "results in weight loss."

No word yet on whether Goddard -- known to down a regular Coke now and then -- will next go after Coca-Cola for failing to live up to its latest advertising slogan, "Open Happiness."




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