Eric John King Executed by Lethal Injection. Had No Final Words

The state finally has put convicted murderer Eric John King to death after sitting on death row for nearly 20 years for the 1989 murders of two men during a convenience store robbery that netted about $72.

The Arizona Republic gives the following report:

When the curtain opened into the death chamber at the prison, he smiled broadly at friends or family.

When asked whether he had any last words, he said only "no." Then he closed his eyes and lapsed into unconsciousness at 10:08 a.m. with his mouth dropping open.

King was convicted of murdering convenience store manager Ron Barman and security guard Richard Butts during the robbery, which, again, netted about $72.

State Attorneey General Tom Horne also witnessed the execution and says justice finally has been carried out.

"It has been more than 20 years since Mr. Barman and Mr. Butts were murdered," Horne says. "The families of the victims in this case may now take some comfort in knowing the criminal who deprived his victims of their lives and robbed their families of their loved ones has paid for this terrible crime."

Arizona is set to carry out another execution next week.

Daniel Wayne Cook has been on death row for about 24 years. Cook was convicted of the 1987 murders of two men in Lake Havasu City, during which he raped and tortured the men before strangling them to death.

His execution is scheduled for April 5.

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