Feedback from the Issue of Thursday, March 12, 2009


Joe's on Barack's "radar screen," big-time: Can anybody now deny that there are thousands of people willing to take to the streets who detest what Joe Arpaio has been doing in this county ("Defying Arpaio," The Bird, March 5; also see "A Neo-Nazi Protests Zack de la Rosa . . . ," Feathered Bastard blog)?

The only sad part is that it takes a rock star's showing up to get that many people motivated. Guess it takes a Zack de la Rocha in this era of disengagement.

But whatever it takes, this was something to behold. And it's sure to make a difference to the powers that be in Washington, who have the power to do something about Joe's abuses. What lots of us want to see is an indictment of Arpaio for his many crimes.

Getting him on the radar screen of the Barack Obama administration is what's been needed, and what happened in the streets of Phoenix had a gigantic impact.
Thomas Bryant, Phoenix

Sheriff "shot himself in his jackboot": Joe Arpaio has screwed himself recently. Even his old pal [County Attorney] Andrew Thomas is distancing himself from his former mentor.

Joe's "200 Mexican March" really did Joe in. It put him on the national landscape in a way he hadn't been before. He shot himself in his jackboot.

Thomas couldn't even afford politically to [publicly go along with] this kind of display, not if he wants to seek statewide office one day. Joe, in parading those poor illegal immigrants so inhumanely, made himself a pariah.

Then came the big Zack de la Rocha-led protest a couple of Saturdays ago. That drove another nail in Joe's political coffin. I can hardly wait for a new U.S. attorney to show up!
Ricardo A. Gonzalez, Tempe

Who's the "fool" here?: The 3,000 or so anti-Sheriff Joe Arpaio demonstrators were obviously from out of state.

Why? Because the honorable Sheriff Joe Arpaio was again re-elected by a wide margins of the people he serves!

I salute the steadfast 300 pro-Sheriff Joe Arpaio patriots who surrounded the Wells Fargo Building (where Sheriff Joe's offices are located), who, despite the temporary odds, dug in their heels and showed their support.

It is very obvious that the 3,000 misfits were comprised of racist [against white people] left-wingers, brown beret militants, communists, terrorists, invaders, illegal aliens, and misinformed fools.

We in the National Veterans Coalition sponsored a prior support rally for Joe Arpaio last October at the state Capitol. There, the NVC presented Arpaio the America First Award.

[The NVC and Constitution Party have] always taken a very strong stand against illegal immigration and support real border security. The NVC is made up of veterans and their families and friends who put America first at the ballot box.

We in the NVC and CP say, "God bless Sheriff Joe." We need more Sheriff Joes across America!
Larry Breazeale, NVC National Chairman

"Old boss" is gone in Washington: Joe, the end of your racist reign is near. Rest assured, there will be more and more demonstrations. And each one will get larger and louder.

More importantly, there's a new boss in Washington, and he most decidedly isn't the same as the old boss. Look to have a Democratic Justice Department up your backside for the rest of your life.
Mary Ann Nesbit, Gila Bend

March exposed county's "dirty little secret": That [march] was an amazing event. I am feeling very energized after this display of solidarity. Zack did an awesome job of motivating the youth and bringing national awareness to Maricopa County's dirty little secret.

I am so lucky to have been a part of this historic event.

Now only if [Homeland Security Secretary] Janet Napolitano or [Attorney General] Eric Holder can hold Joe Arpaio accountable by yanking 287(g), we might just survive this terrible black eye that will forever be written in history.
Stacy Paratore, via the Internet

"Brilliant work" by The Bird: The Bird's favorite memory of the day was the two ladies with the "F--- Arpaio" shirts on. Lovely ladies who no doubt had their children there, teaching them their limited vocabulary.

And I especially like the caption under the kids' picture [on New Times' Web site]. At a march to stop the hate, we have an absolute idiot showing pictures to young children with a caption that reads: "The littlest Arpaio haters."

Brilliant work. Shows the true intellect of The Bird and his readers.
Jim Williams, via the Internet

Arpaio's "racist" acts aren't his only problem: I am so glad to see that some people are finally making inroads into [somebody official] looking into Joe Arpaio's outrageous actions.

If this obviously racist issue is what brings attention to this man, that is fine. But I hope that people will look further than this. He is not only a racist, he treats inmates in "his" jail far worse than most any of us would allow animals to be treated.

He delights in simple humiliation with pink underwear. But, of course, there is far worse abuse than that going on. He gives inmates food that most of us would throw away because it is rotten. And he never gives enough food to keep anyone far from perpetual hunger.

He forces people to live in "his" Tent City, in a land where summers last half the year and temperatures can be 115 and upwards in the tents.

Sheriff Arpaio is proud of all this. He considers these things his great accomplishments. He says so whenever he gets a chance to be in front of a TV camera.

To whomever out there who can find legal means to end his reign of terror and abuses, you have my hopes and prayers.
Kathryn Hansen, via the Internet

Lady must be from Lodi: In California, we love Sheriff Arpaio! Send him here!
Barbara Mark, via the Internet

But are they "wackos"?: Leftist wackos railing against Arpaio work in his favor.
Lance Sjogren, via the Internet.

We don't have an "immigrant problem": I also believe they are human beings first, that they should always be treated humanely.

However, it is irresponsible and selfish for parents to cross the border illegally with their families. They put undue pressure and stress on not only themselves but on the family that crossed with him or her.

We do not have an immigrant problem; we have an illegal alien problem. What's two years of waiting for proper paperwork compared to two years of living in complete fear and doubt about your future?
Michael Showalter, via the Internet

The real traitors "spew [racist] rhetoric": Our country is founded by white people who came here uninvited without documentation, who proceeded to slaughter and displace any natives that got in their way.

In founding this government, a fundamental right was given to all human beings, that all men (and women) are created equal and have equal rights. Any white person who is mad at an illegal immigrant also better hate him- or herself because at least 90 percent of Americans have ancestors who did the same thing as the Hispanic population is doing right now.

It is a long, difficult task to become a legal U.S. citizen. This should not be the case, as it was not a problem at the time of the nation's inception. Obviously, we have failed to adapt our immigration policy to handle the honest, hard-working people who seek prosperity in a land that promises equality and freedom.

If you are under the impression that all Mexicans here illegally are criminals who just want to leech off of our society, you are a very narrow-minded, ignorant, and racist individual.

Ask yourself, who is really committing treason? Is it the peaceful protesters using the rights guaranteed to them by the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights; or is it people who spew rhetoric downplaying this wonderful gathering of people acting as true patriots?

[The marchers were] responding to the call of duty laid upon them by the founders of this country.
Andrew Cook, via the Internet

Standing up against waste of human life: I am just one of the thousands standing up against the abuses and constant constitutional violations Joe Arpaio has been doing for years. I was one of the victims of his abuse years ago and will continue to stand up to this waste of a human life until he and his goons are in jail or booted from office.
Name withheld

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