Feedback from the Issue of Thursday, March 26, 2009


Joe's an attention whore — nothing more: There's nothing left to the imagination about this story. It's crystal clear what Joe Arpaio is up to here. He's hassling every brown-skinned person he can find, in the hopes he will find an illegal alien or two to [get kicked] out of the country.

That the Guadalupe raid last year netted only a handful of illegals says a mouthful. How in the hell is such a sweep justified — money-wise, much less human rights-wise — with such a meager result? I'll tell you why: Joe only wants the publicity; he doesn't really care about the problem.

I'm one of those people who wants the illegal alien problem solved, but not at the expense of human rights. What Joe's doing is vile, and it's having little, if any, effect.
Becky Schaefer, Glendale

Even veterans despise Joe: I didn't enjoy your recent article in New Times. Although it was well-written, I didn't enjoy it much because it made me very angry. Why? Because I was very upset about the way the citizens of Guadalupe were treated by the Nazi Sheriff Joe. These citizens are all Indians and were here well before the Nazi sheriff was.

I used to live in Tempe, very near Guadalupe, and often visited there because I enjoyed the people and various religious and other ceremonies. I am a World War II veteran, and I find it outrageous the way the Nazi sheriff has treated the Indian people there.

I'm glad you have brought this to the attention of the public, and I am also glad that the sheriff's department's actions are now being investigated by the federal government. Hopefully those who participated, as well as those responsible for such actions, will be treated by the feds [the same as the MCSO] treated Guadalupe citizens.
William Trush, via the Internet

Unmasking Arpaio: Harassing American citizens like this cannot be allowed in our country! Michael Lacey has really unmasked what Joe Arpaio is all about. And it's either pure racism or a vendetta mentality. I think it's more the latter: The Sanchezes opposed him, and then he made them pay!

He's famous for exacting revenge on most anybody who crosses him, as many of your stories have proved.
Hal Arrington, Phoenix

Set up a tent for Joe: To answer the last question posed [in "Are Your Papers in Order?"], I'll bet it's Miller time for Arpaio. Last call won't be until if and when he gets indicted, tried, and convicted. Won't hold my breath on that, but maybe miracles can happen? Sure would be sweet to see him as a resident of Tent City wearing his own pink undies and eating green bologna.
Joe Curwen, Phoenix

Doling out abuse is like heroin to Joe: Great article. Very candid and pointed. It's too bad that the ignorant masses can't pull their heads out of the sand long enough to just take a serious look at what goes on. It's not a secret; those who support [Joe Arpaio] either don't want to face the facts and would rather champion some conspiracy theory or just flat-out are too lazy to take the time to know.

I talk to the latter, usually, and they have such a hard time believing the facts I lay out to them. This [harassment of the Sanchezes] is abuse of power. This is not an isolated incident. It's the norm for the MCSO and Joe — almost like a daily fix of heroin for them.

It's appalling, ludicrous, and has no place in America. It's rather shocking, though, that the pro-Joe crowd is actually upset that the Justice Department is doing what it needs to do to protect everyone's rights, not just illegals' rights. The ignorant need to comprehend that if [abuse of constitutional rights] is allowed just once, it will continue. History has shown us this.

[Arpaio's] M.O. at the DEA was easy arrests, hence the nickname "Nickel Bag Joe." That M.O. seems to have followed him to the MCSO. Why else would he send 60 deputies to arrest three janitors? Is that a wise use of resources, paying how much overtime in these tough economic times to arrest three people? Was SWAT gear really needed to apprehend these hardened criminals?

I look forward to the upcoming stories, Mr. Lacey, and thanks for your courage and patriotism in the face of adversity!
David Saint, Phoenix

A must-read: This article is required reading for any Phoenix resident. Puts a face on Arpaio's crimes against basic human decency.
Corby Ziesman, Scottsdale

Standing up to a gangster: Thanks for 15 years of courageous reporting on Arpaio's abuses. Never in 15 years has there been this much organized resistance against this gangster.

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