"Blackout in a can"
"Blackout in a can"

Four Loko, a.k.a. "Blackout in a Can," Likely to be Banned by FDA. Learn How to Make Your Own Right Here

The booze-filled caffeine drink police believe a 19-year-old Mesa woman was slurpin' down prior to wrecking her car over the weekend is likely to be banned by the Food and Drug Administration later today.

But not to worry: we've tracked down a recipe for a bootleg version of the drink, and a how-to video guide on how to make it. We'll warn you: if you decide to brew your own, you may feel like you're making prison wine.

The Associated Press is reporting that the FDA is planning on banning caffeinated beverages that contain alcohol -- like Four Loko, a.k.a. "Blackout in a Can" -- before the day is over.

The ban is in response to a growing number of incidents, most notably, nine college students in Washington state who were hospitalized after drinking too much of it.

But we're not gonna let a few overindulgers ruin it for the rest of us. Sometimes, people need the equivalent of six beers and three cups of coffee consolidated into one, single beverage. Those people may want to thank the magicians at BuzzFeed.com, for putting in the time to develop their own, easy-to-make, bootleg version of the drink.

It includes ingredients like Jolly Ranchers, St. Ides malt liquor, and Sprite. Get the video instructions after the jump. 


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