Foxes Lives Near Arizona State University in Tempe -- Real Ones


You can get a glimpse of a real fox in downtown Tempe near Arizona State University -- we're not talking about the college girls, but rather the small, predatory canines.

Urban coyotes have been getting all the attention in recent years, but it appears that at least some native foxes are also doing well in the big city. We'd heard for the last year or so that the critters have been haunting the area near College Avenue, just south of the ASU campus. Last night while out for a walk, we saw a pair of them. Very cool.

Regrettably, we don't have pictures to share. It was about 10:30 p.m. in a dimly lit alley near the George Ditch canal -- too dim for the phone camera in our pocket. But the mammals were unmistakeable as they nervously bounced across College Avenue -- they look like bizarre cats with bushy tails. They were probably kit foxes, judging by their appearance. But they could have been gray foxes, another species common in Arizona.

If you've taken a picture of these remarkable little animals, by all means, send it in so we can publish it.

And if you're out looking for a party near ASU's campus after the sun sets, don't forget to keep an eye out for the other wildlife.


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