Gabriela Compton, Middle School Teacher's Aide Accused of Sex With Student, Pleads Not Guilty

Gabriela Compton, a Western Valley Middle School teacher's aide accused of having an inappropriate sexual relationship with at least two teenage students, was in Maricopa County Superior Court this morning, where she pleaded not guilty to three counts of sexual abuse, three counts sexual conduct with a minor, and one count of furnishing obscene or harmful items to minors.

Compton was arrested last month and initially charged with two counts of sexual abuse, four counts of sexual conduct with a minor, and one count of furnishing obscene materials to minors.

Last week, a grand jury tacked on the additional charges.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, principals at the school found out Compton had been sending students nude photos of herself and called police. Over the course of the investigation, it was discovered that Compton had engaged in sex with at least one student and felt up another.

Compton, court docs state, exchanged cell phone numbers with a 14-year-old male student in late February. The student asked Compton to send him a picture of herself, which she did -- the photo, however, was of her topless. In exchange, the student sent her a picture of a penis
he found on the Internet.

After exchanging sexts, Compton picked up the boy and some of his friends to drive them home. When the other students had been dropped off, Compton and the victim had sex in the back of her van as it sat parked in an industrial park near 67th Avenue and Van Buren Road.

Police discovered that the 14-year-old student wasn't Compton's only victim. A 13-year-old student also admitted to having a sexual relationship with Compton.

That student told police that he and Compton also had exchanged cell-phone numbers and began sending each other sexual photos. The student told police that he and the other victim showed each other the photos of their naked teacher's aide.

In one such sext, Compton told the boy that she wanted to "rub his cock." He replied by telling the teacher's aide that he wanted to grab her breasts.

Compton apparently picked up the boy at a Burger King and took him to two different malls, where she bought him a pair of shoes and two shirts. While driving to the mall, the boy grabbed Compton's breasts -- and she smiled.

Compton asked the boy if he wanted to have sex and told him that they could do it "for his birthday," which was coming up.

The photos, police say, circulated at the school and were seen by several students.

During a confrontation call with a female student who had seen the photos, Compton admitted to sending the pictures to several students and to having sex with the 14-year-old.

She continued to spill her guts when she talked to detectives -- they say she she admitted everything.

When told that what she did was illegal, Compton told cops "ya, I know."

Compton's next court date is scheduled for May 31.

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